12 Intimate Moments Between Joy And Red Velvet That Will Make You Soft

You can tell she really loves them!

The members of Red Velvet are known to be very close…and also very smol.

With the exception of Joy (5 ft 6 in), everyone else in the team is around 5 ft.-5 ft. 3 in. That means when Joy hugs any of her members, she towers over them and envelops them in her height— which is just about the cutest thing imaginable.

Here are 3 of the softest moments of Joy hugging her members!

 1. JoyRene (Joy and Irene)

2. JoyGi (Joy and Seulgi)

3. WenJoy (Wendy and Joy)


4. JoyRi (Joy and Yeri)




Did the moments make you soft?

Red Velvet