The 3 Things Wonho Wants Fans To Take Away From His Comeback

He does every concept so well.

Soloist Wonho just dropped his new comeback “Eye On You” off his new album OBSESSION. Here are the three things he wants people to take away from it.

1. His sexy body

In an interview with Audacy Music, Wonho said that the first thing he wants people to remember is his sexy body, and we can’t blame him! Though he answers the question somewhat shyly, there’s a definite truth to his answer.

Wonho is known for working out and taking his fitness seriously. Well, it seriously shows.

2. The powerful sound

Considering Wonho participated in the writing, composing, and arranging of his album, it makes sense that he would be proud of the sound. The song “Eye On You” uses elements of EDM to provide hard hitting electronic beats.

Wonho worked with Enan of Savage House Gang and Sun Ahn on both “Eye On You” and “Somebody,” with Brother Su contributing to the lyrics of “Eye On You.”

3. An all new concept

Since his debut as a solo artist, Wonho has been able to try many versatile concepts, including the sexy sleekness of “Open Mind.”

And the boyish charm and joyful quality of “Blue.”

“Eye On You” takes the intensity of “Lose” and elevates it to create a dark, high energy dance track.

Check out “Eye On You” here!

Source: Audacy Music