3 Times MONSTA X and CRAVITY Showed How Adorable Their Senior-Junior Relationship Really Is

They’re the cutest.

Since CRAVITY‘s debut under Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X have shown how supportive they are as their label mate’s seniors. Here are three times they’ve shown their adorable bond.

1. When Joohoney produced a song for CRAVITY

MONSTA X’s Joohoney gifted the song “Jumper” to CRAVITY for their debut album. He then visited them at their first music show appearance to cheer them on.

Joohoney later revealed the demo version for the song he produced.

The song fits CRAVITY’s vibe well, and it is evident that Joohoney took care to think of this while producing it.

2. When Minhyuk hosted CRAVITY’s showcase

Minhyuk acted as the MC for CRAVITY’s showcase to promote their first full-length album,ย The Awakening: Written in the Stars.ย It was later revealedย that Minhyuk had refused to be paid for the gig, and not even the company knew!

He even participated in the group’s TikTok challenge for their song “Gas Pedal,” taking time to execute it perfectly.


๋ฏผํ˜์„ ๋ฐฐ๋‹˜๊ณผ ํ•จ๊ป˜ํ•˜๋Š”Gas Pedal ์–ด๋ถ€๋ฐ” ์ฑŒ๋ฆฐ์ง€โ˜บ#ํ˜•์ค€ #๋ฏผํ˜ #GasPedalChallenge#CRAVITY #ํฌ๋ž˜๋น„ํ‹ฐ#THE_AWAKENING#WRITTEN_IN_THE_STARS#Gas_Pedal#MONSTAX #MONSTA_X#๋ชฌ์Šคํƒ€์—‘์Šค

โ™ฌ Gas Pedal (Challenge Ver.) – CRAVITY

3. When they met backstage

In a recent behind the scenes YouTube video for the music festival Welcome K-Pop Click,ย MONSTA X greeted CRAVITY. MONSTA X’sย I.M cutely yells,ย “Hyeongjun!”

CRAVITY’s Wonjin then can be heard shouting,ย “sexy Changkyun”ย referring to I.M.

I.M then guides CRAVITY to say hello to the rest of MONSTA X where they greet each other warmly.

Then Minhyulk affectionately teases Hyeongjun, saying that he didn’t dance hard enough since he isn’t sweating.

Kihyun jokes that he must be like Hyungwon who is what he calls a “Wi-Fi dancer,” or someone who loses their energy the farther they move from the center.

It’s clear that the teasing is all done in good fun, and it shows how comfortable the two groups are with each other.

It’s exciting to see such a cute senior-junior relationship between groups. Hopefully, both MONSTA X and CRAVITY will continue to support each other as best they can.