3 Times WayV Proved They Keep Tabs On Fans’ Tweets

They’re “lurking” on Twitter more than you think.

Although WayV and NCT don’t officially have personal Twitter accounts, besides their official group ones and Instagram accounts, that didn’t stop them from exposing the fact that they keep track of what fans post on Twitter. Here are three times they purposely or accidentally revealed that they’re lurking on NCTzens and WayZenNis’ tweets.

1. Kun

Of all the instances, leader Kun was the one to remind everyone recently through Lysn‘s Bubble app.

| kun11xd/Instagram

Taking a fan edit where someone had replaced a few of the NCT 2020 members with WayV’s pets, Kun demanded to know who created the funny photo, “Who made this? Too cute!

| KUN/LysnBubble

What made the moment even funnier was the fact that Kun most likely already knew who had posted the edit if he’d found it from Twitter.

2. Ten

While Kun’s instance was funny, Ten’s was more on the heartwarming side.

| 1077power/Instagram

When a fan wrote broke down their thoughts on Ten sharing his artwork, they explained that Ten was a multi-dimensional person that everyone should appreciate. It didn’t go unseen by Ten himself.

Less than two days later, Ten accidentally uploaded a screenshot of the tweet to his Instagram, which he swiftly removed. When asked about it during an interview with Billboard, Ten couldn’t help but laugh.

He unapologetically admitted to reading fans’ tweets, whether for reactions to his art or for encouragement. “For me, I do read stuff on Twitter. Sometimes when I get so down, or I’m very tired… fans are my motivation, my power to keep on doing what I like. Yeah, that’s why I keep looking.


| tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten also shared it was a way to gain knowledge for improvement, “And when I read their stuff, I learn new things. Reading Twitter or comments, you get to learn new things and can improve yourself, by reading the comments.

3. Yangyang

Funnily enough, Ten had a hand in how Yangyang revealed that he reads fans’ Twitter posts.

| yangyang_x2/Instagram

During their interview with Teen Vogue, Yangyang pointed out how fans are quick to catalog his sneaker collection. “On Twitter there are ‘Yangyang sneaker closet’ posts.

He was even surprised at how quickly fans upload the photos right after being spotted in a new pair. “When I go to the airport, people photograph my shoes and post a picture of them! I feel overwhelmed.”

That’s when Ten pointed out that Yangyang had exposed his secret, “Now he’s telling the world that he has a fan Twitter!

Source: Teen Vogue and Billboard