These 30 Female Solo Choreographies Prove That These Talented Ladies Don’t Need A Group To Shine

These ladies don’t need anyone but themselves to succeed, and look amazing while doing it.

There are tons of talented female artists in the K-Pop industry these days, most of them in successful girl groups. However, there are some female idols that only promote solo, or have broken away from their group to have solo careers, and are incredibly successful! These ladies prove that they don’t need to have a whole group of people to put on amazing performances and are have incredible stage presence on their own. Here are 30 extremely impressive solo songs and dances by female artists.

1. “24 Hours” by Sunmi

2. “Woman” by BoA

3. “Gotta Go” by Chungha

4. “One Way Love” by Hyolyn

5. “Blue Moon” by Kyungri

6. “Room Shaker” by Ailee

7. “Only One” by BoA

8. “Flower Shower” by HyunA

9. “Roller Coaster” by Chungha

10. “Free Somebody” by Luna

11. “Dally” by Hyolyn

12. “BBIBBI” by IU

13. “Touch” by Anda

14. “1 Minute 1 Second” by Jiyeon

15. “Kiss Later” by Yeojin

16. “Eclipse” by Kim Lip

17. “Lip & Hip” by HyunA

18. “Coming of Age Ceremony” by Park Jiyoon

19. “Wannabe” by Hyoyeon

20. “Take a Hike” by Jiyeon

21. “Bloom” by Gain

22. “The Baddest Female” by CL

23. “Why” by Taeyeon

24. “Eclipse” by Moonbyul

25. “Bomb” by AleXa

26. “Snapping” by Chungha

27. “Kiss My Lips” by BoA

28. “Twit” by Hwasa

29. “Spit It Out” by Solar

30. “Gashina” by Sunmi