30 Funniest Netizen Reactions To News Of EXO Chen’s Newborn Child

#11 is all of us 😂

On the afternoon of April 29, SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO‘s Chen and his wife have welcomed their first child into the world. Like with news of his marriage, netizens were quick to congratulate the two and post hilarious reactions to the news. We scoured Twitter to find the funniest Tweets about Chen’s newborn daughter. Enjoy!

1. If you still don’t know the child’s gender

2. The uncles you wish you had

3. Competitive Sehun

4. What did we expect

5. Excited uncles

6. Because one isn’t enough

7. Best view in the world

8. No one dare hurt her

9. From one baby to the next

10. Because of course she’ll also have a beautiful voice

11. Will work for free

12. No exception

13. Most excited uncle

14. Proud daughter

15. D.O. knew first

16. Leave the cake cutting to the wife, please

17. When you have a goal in mind

18. Nothing can stop them

19. The OG couple

20. It’s okay, Sehun. You’ll get through this

21. “Thank you, uncles #blessed”

22. Never a boring moment

23. If there’s a will, there’s a way

24. The most intense competition

25. Great Expectations

26. Start ’em young

27. This may actually happen

28. When reality hasn’t hit yet

29. Prepare yourself, child

30. Who will win?