30+ K-Pop Songs With The Most Killer Beat Drops That Will Have You Falling Over

Are you prepared for these drops?

A common trend in K-Pop throughout its last several years has been a heavy, hard-hitting beat drop in some part of a song. The build up and climax of such a song is often extremely satisfying and, when pulled off really well, can make people go wild when it’s played at a club or party. While a list of all of the songs in K-Pop that have a satisfying beat drop would go on forever, this list is a collection of 30+ fan favorites.

1. “Miroh” by Stray Kids

2. “Don’t Leave Me” by BTS

3. “Red Light” by f(x)

4. “Me” by CLC

5. “Queen” by 3YE


7. “Ko Ko Bop” by EXO

8. “Hate” by 4MINUTE

9. “Pirate King” by ATEEZ

10. “Very Nice” by SEVENTEEN

11. “Dumb Litty” by KARD

12. “Windy Day” by OH MY GIRL

13. “Silent Night” by Dreamcatcher

14. “Boombayah” by BLACKPINK

15. “Heroine” by Sunmi

16. “Egoist” by LOONA

17. “Hard Carry” by GOT7

18. “Everybody” by SHINee

19. “Come Back Home” 2NE1

20. “Dope” by BTS

21. “Cactus” by A.C.E

22. “The Light” by IMFACT

23. “Getting Closer” by SEVENTEEN

24. “Say My Name” by ATEEZ

25. “Mad Dog” by NCT 127

26. “Killing Me” by iKON

27. “Violeta” by IZ*ONE

28. “Red Sun” by Dreamcatcher

29. “Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG

30. “Fire” by BTS

31. “Side Effects” by Stray Kids

32. “Enemy” by KARD

33. “Ting Ting Ting” by ITZY

34. “RPM” by SF9

35. “Horizon” by ATEEZ

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