Here Are 30+ Line Distributions Of 15 Popular K-Pop Subunits’ Singles

Are K-Pop sub-unit song line distributions as uneven as most full-group songs?

K-Pop groups are oftentimes notorious for having uneven line distributions, though some groups are definitely better about it than others. Whether it’s due to company bias or simply some members having certain talents that make it make sense for them to have more lines, it’s a point of controversy among some fans. When it comes to K-Pop subunits, since they’re specifically chosen members from a group, you’d think the line distributions would be more even, right? Check out the graphs showing the line distributions of 30+ songs from 15 different K-Pop subunits below to find out!


“Hey Mama”

“Blooming Day”



“What A Life”

“We Young”

3. Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG

“Lil’ Touch”

4. Girls’ Generation-TTS



5. GOT7’s Jus2

“Focus On Me”

6. LOONA’s Odd Eye Circle


7. LOONA 1/3



8. LOONA yyxy


9. Super Junior D&E

“‘Bout You”


10. Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi



“Beautiful Liar”


12. SEVENTEEN Vocal Unit



“Come To Me”


“Second Life”

13. SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Unit

“If I”


“Check In”


“Back It Up”

14. SEVENTEEN Performance Unit


“Swimming Fool”

“Lilili Yabbay”



15. BIGBANG’s GD X Taeyang

“Good Boy”