30 Of The Most Memorable K-Pop Dances Ever

No one can forget these classics!

Some K-Pop dances are pretty much universally known by most K-Pop fans, even those that only more recently became interested in the genre. These dances have stood the test of time and can often be recognized just by a single move from the dance! While there are numerous of these kinds of dances in K-Pop, and this isn’t an extensive list, the following 30 songs are ones that everyone should know about. Check them out!

1. “Heart Attack” by AOA


2. “Genie” by Girls’ Generation


3. “Good Girl Bad Girl” by Miss A


4. “Lovey Dovey” by T-ARA


5. “24 Hours” by Sunmi


6. “Rainism” by Rain


7. “Touch My Body” by SISTAR


8. “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior


9. “Bubble Pop” by HyunA


10. “Abracadabra” by Brown Eyed Girls


11. “Fire” by BTS


12. “Adore U” by SEVENTEEN


13. “Growl” by EXO


14. “Boombayah” by BLACKPINK


15. “Something” by Girl’s Day


16. “No No No” by Apink




18. “Fiction” by BEAST


19. “Mister” by KARA


20. “Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee


21. “Chained Up” by VIXX


22. “Me Gustas Tu” by GFRIEND


23. “Pretty U” by SEVENTEEN


24. “Blood Sweat & Tears” by BTS


25. “Up & Down” by EXID


26. “Lucifer” by SHINee


27. “Very Very Very” by I.O.I


28. “Just Right” by GOT7


29. “TT” by TWICE


30. “Gee” by Girls’ Generation


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