30+ Photos Of BTS’s Jin And V That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Visual kings!

Fans of BTS are familiar with the famous “Gwangsan Kims” of the group, Jin and V! Fans gave them this title due to them both coming from the same Gwangsan line for the last name Kim (RM, whose last name is also Kim, comes from the Gangneung line). While looking at them both separately is equally stunning, their visuals seem to get even more upgraded when they are together!

For instance, here’s V in all his beauty.

Jin here is being the ‘worldwide handsome’ man that he is.

But when you put these two together, this is when their visuals shine even more!

Although they may have amazing visuals, they are also backed up by their talent and their personalities. They both know where they came from and are always grateful to everyone that has helped them be where they are today!