These 30+ Photos Of NCT 127 Jungwoo’s Side Profile Will Convince You Of His Visual Perfection

His side profile is god-tier!

NCT 127‘s Jungwoo boasts not only heavenly vocals, but also heavenly visuals! Fans are always in love with his looks, and praise his impeccable side profile the most! Here are 30+ times Jungwoo’s side profile was captured by fans, and is proof of his superior visuals!

1. This side profile is just perfect!


2. He’s such a looker!


3. Jungwoo’s orange hair and side profile is everything!


4. But he looks amazing with dark hair too!


5. How is his nose bridge that pretty-looking?!


6. His sharp visuals will have you rekt.


7. So handsome!


8. His side profile is honestly god-tier.


9. These photos of his side profile will go down in history as legendary!


10. So beautiful!


11. A whole cutie, with the best side profile!