31 Different Kinds of Smiles Presented By NCT Mark

NCT Mark‘s can win you over in a heart beat, and he does it best with his signature weapon – his precious smile. Try to finish this article without falling head over heels with Mark!

1. Mark’s Pleasant Smile

2. His Pink Curly Smile

3. His I-Got-You-Friend Smile

4. Mark’s Piggyback Smile

5. That Sneaky Smile

6. Mark-In-The-Middle Smile

7. His Wonderment Smile

8. Mark In A Red Beanie Smile

9. Mark’s Professional-On-Stage Smile

10. His Sweetest Smile

11. His Boyish Smile

12. Mark’s Soft Charisma Smile

13. His Side Glance Smile

14. His Bite-My-Bottom-Lip Smile

15. His Peek-A-Boo Smile

16. Mark’s Cute-Goth Smile

17. His Baby Smile

18. Mark On The Radio Smile

19. His Nerdy Smile

20. The I-See-You Smile

21. His Point-At-You Smile

22. Mark-In-A-Green-Cap Smile

23. The Stage Shrug Smile

24. The Bandana Smile

25. NCT U Mark’s Smile

26. His Embarrassed Smile

27. His Half Yawn Half Smile

28. Mark’s Squinty Smile

29. His Timid Smile

30. His Laughing Smile

31. The Happy Birthday Mark Smile