30+ Photos That Prove NCT Dream’s Jaemin Is A Stunner In Every Color Of The Rainbow

He looks amazing in every color!

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin is the smiley, adorable visual of the group, who seems to be able to slay any color he tries on (including his iconic pink and blue hair)! Here are 30+ photos of Jaemin that prove he can wear any color of the rainbow, and absolutely shine!

1. Jaemin In Red


2. Jaemin In Orange


3. Jaemin In Yellow


4. Jaemin In Green


5. Jaemin In Blue


6. Jaemin In Purple


7. Jaemin In Pink


8. Jaemin In Black


9. Jaemin In White


10. Jaemin In Brown


11. Jaemin In Grey