30 Photos That Prove TWICE’s Jeongyeon Is The Goddess Of Color In All Shades Of The Rainbow

She’s already stunning on her own, and these flattering outfits make her even more so!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is, indisputably, a gorgeous girl, and she can make anything she wears look great, no matter what it is! Fortunately she seems to have a stylist that really knows how to flatter her even more and dress her in beautiful outfits of all different colors. Check out these 30 pictures proving that Jeongyeon looks amazing in any color or shade!

1. She’s as hot as any fire in flaming red!

2. She flawlessly sports orange in a multitude of looks

3. Yellow brings out her bright and sunny personality!

4. Of course, she stuns in shades of rich and neon greens

5. These blue styles are so flattering on her complexion!

6. These pretty lilac outfits look even prettier on her!

7. She looks adorably feminine in bright pinks!

8. Her goddess status is heightened even more in stunning white

9. Somber grays don’t look at all gloomy on the gorgeous idol!

10. And lastly, Jeongyeon can pull of all-black outfits like no one’s business