These 30 Pictures Prove That SEVENTEEN’s DK Is The Sunshine To Any Color Of The Rainbow

He looks gorgeous in any shade or hue.

DK is known as the sunshine of SEVENTEEN, and for good reason — his personality and his smile brighten up a room like nothing else, and he helps to set the mood for the other members of the group! He’s also incredibly handsome, and has showed just how good he can look in any color of the rainbow. And so, like the sunshine for every rainbow, here’s DK’s handsome visuals in an assortment of colors!

1. He looks classy and dashing in bright, bold reds

2. He looks cute and cozy in warm orange sweaters

3. He looks like the sun itself in bright, cheerful yellows

4. He looks cool and chic in natural greens

5. He’s as soothing and refreshing as the ocean in deep blues

6. He looks like he could be actual royalty in rich purples

7. He looks like the ultimate soft boyfriend material in pastel pinks

8. He looks absolutely angelic in all white

9. He looks mature and rugged in classic browns and tans

10. And finally, he looks just downright stunning in all black