30 Reasons Why Jaekyung Could Be The SEXIEST Girl Of K-Pop

Here’s 30 pieces of proof that fans could be right in calling her one of the sexiest female idols in K-Pop!

1. This is Rainbow‘s Jaekyung.


2. One of the sexiest performers in K-Pop history!


3. She encompasses the ideal S-line.


4. Paired with the most sultry gaze.


5. Literally no one can look away!


6. She lures you in with her sweetest smile.


7. Then turns 180 to shock you with her sexy dance moves!


8. Literally… her stage presence is a gift from god!


9. And she owns her sexy image like no other!


10. The sexiest goddess of all K-Pop idols.


11. With a body that models can only dream of!


12. From far…


13. … or up close, she’s on fire!


14. She’s the star of some of the hottest magazine spreads.


15. And some of the most legendary stage shots!


16. It’s no wonder she’s the it-girl of swimsuit ads!


17. Ever since debut, she’s been famous for her visuals.


18. But her most legendary peak was during Rainbow Blaxx!


19. Even now, she’s continuing her sexy image.


20. But nothing’s really changed since her debut era.


21. Once a sexy goddess, always a sexy goddess!


22. The main feature of some of the sexiest choreography!


23. She even makes a simple off-shoulder look sexy!


24. Jaekyung’s most famous fancams continue to rake in views.


25. Because her sexy aura is incomparable!


26. How can anyone keep their eyes off of her…


27. … when she gives you this look?!


28. From a sexy goddess…


29. … to the creator of sexy-cute!


30. Kim Jaekyung is undoubtedly one of the sexiest K-Pop idols to ever grace the stage!