Here Are 30+ Recent Songs From Underrated Or Unknown K-Pop Artists That You Need To Hear ASAP

These are some serious bops!

Bored in quarantine? In need of some new music? Look no further! This is a compiled list of semi-recent to recent K-Pop songs that are by lesser known or underrated artists that you might not have heard before. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these 30+ songs that deserve more recognition!

1. “Falling Petals” by LUCENTE

2. “California” by twlv

3. “Again” by AlphaBAT


5. “Lost Time” by Rothy

6. “The Day” by IZ

7. “Gray” by LIMIT ft. PULLIK

8. “Colors” by BURSTERS

9. “Crush On You” by ORLY

10. “Turn the Light” by TREI

11. “Lupin” by DONGKIZ

12. “Lie” by FAVORITE

13. “1822” by 2Z

14. “KKILI KKILI” by G-reyish

15. “Cassette” by Demian

16. “Never Mind” by FALLANC

17. “Color Magic” by D.COY

18. “Woo” by Moon

19. “Evita!” by Devita

20. “Cry” by Surple

21. “Home” by Yezi

22. “Invisibles” by Bandage

23. “Fate” by Paradise

24. “A Bloom at Midnight” by 1/N

25. “Want” by Moti

26. “Primero” by KISUM

27. “HIM” by GREE

28. “Open the Door” by ILUV

29. “Barim” by Blackleaf

30. “Fly Away” by ESBEE

31. “Underwater” by LOANN

32. “Stay” by GOOPY

33. “Stupid Luv” by Ted Park