30 Stunning Photos Of Suzy Being The Model For Dior Like She Was Born Ready For It

Visual queen all day every day.

Suzy, who is the brand ambassador for Dior, has been rocking the brand’s items like she was ready for it her whole life. Her ability to effortlessly dress up and down the items show just how fashionable and up-to-date she is in the industry. She has also previously been a model for Fendi and has also garnered much attention for her looks. Let’s take a look at some of her iconic Dior outfits below!

She looks fierce and powerful in red

Even casual outfits look good on her

She looks like a Parisian queen

Visuals on point

Glamour and luxury

She looks like she popped out of a K-drama

Casual vibes

We love our queen Suzy!

What Dior outfit by Suzy do you like best? Honestly she looks good in everything she puts on. We can see why famous brands are dying to partner with Suzy as she makes all the outfits stand out with her flawless visuals.