30+ Times AB6IX’s Daehwi Proved He Looks Fierce In Every Color Of The Rainbow

Daehwi can be every color you like.

Everyone has those colors that just don’t look good on them—except AB6IX‘s Daehwi, of course. No matter what color this former Wanna One member wears, he always looks slick AF. Don’t believe it? These 33 photos prove he can pull off every color of the rainbow.

1. Daehwi in red

2. Daehwi in orange

3. Daehwi in yellow

4. Daehwi in green

5. Daehwi in blue

6. Daehwi in purple

7. Daehwi in pink

8. Daehwi in brown

9. Daehwi in white

10. Daehwi in gray

11. Daehwi in black