30 Times BTS’s Jungkook And V Proved They Have The Most Perfect Relationship

These are just some of the many reasons why fans have fallen in love with “Taekook”.

The two youngest members of BTS are known to have each other’s backs and take care of each other, and these special moments live on in the hearts of A.R.M.Y everywhere.

1. When V literally supported Jungkook during the “Fake Love” choreography.

2. When Jungkook carried V on his shoulders during a performance.

3. When V tried to give Jungkook a puppy kiss during an interview.

4. When V got super cozy during the Love Yourself: Tear album shooting.

5. When V called over Jungkook to show off his muscles

6. When Jungkook pestered V by undoing his snaps during an interview.

7. When Jungkook let V play with his hair during an episode of BTS Run.

8. Every time they share food with each other.

9. When they went from hooking arms to playfighting.

10. When Jimin got stuck on Jungkook’s chains and V immediately went over to help.

11. When they made up this totally cool secret handshake.

12. When Jungkook called V in the middle of filming to check up and make sure he got home safely.

13. When V was bothering Jungkook so he picked him up and physically moved him away.

14. When they accidentally ended up sharing a bunk together during Bon Voyage.

15. When Jungkook put V’s hair in this legendary ponytail.

16. They share elephant moles!

17. The time V felt sick so Jungkook watched over him at the airport (along with Manager Sejin).

18. When they played this “guess the item game”.

19. This unforgettable hamburger ad from Rookie King.

20. When they just couldn’t let go of their sweet team name during their Pokémon photo shoot.

21. When V sneezed in Jungkook’s face so Jungkook got him back.

22. When they’re always telling each other secrets.

23. When this almost happened.

24. When their intense eye contact turned into silliness.

25. When V climbed on Jungkook’s back like a monkey.

26. When V kicked a ball at Jungkook and then ran for his life.

27. When they cuddled together afterward.

28. When V gave Jungkook this adorable back hug….

29. …and this one too!

30. When V sat in Jungkook’s lap and said: “You’re mine!”