30 Times BTS’s RM Proved Haters Wrong With His Unbelievable Visuals

How can anyone think he’s ugly?

Since his debut, BTS‘s RM has been subjected to cruel hate comments about his looks. But the truth is, he’s always been a visual in his own right, proving to everyone time and again that he’s drop dead gorgeous.

Here are 30 gifs and pictures that show just how unbelievably handsome RM is!

1. When he winked


2. When he showed off his eye smile


3. When he giggled


4. When he gazed downwards


5. When he looked at ARMYs


6. When he finished off a speech


7. When he posted a selfie


8. When he walked with confidence


9. When he took a picture with J-Hope


10. When his dimples showed


11. When he switched from sexy to cute in 1 second


12. When he moved to the beat


13. When he owned this candid shot


14. When he posed with a dog


15. When he smiled with his eyes closed


16. When he was in his element at a concert


17. When he did what he does best⁠—rap


18. When he rocked pink hair


19. When he was playful on camera


20. When he was being interviewed


21. When he smiled for a group picture


22. When he looked adorable all bundled up


23. When he had the cutest grin


24. When he stretched languidly


25. When he looked hot AF on stage


26. When he wore a classic suit


27. When he wore overalls


28. When he cleanly finished talking


29. When he nodded


30. When he looked as cute as a bunny