4 Of Aespa’s Surprising Dorm Rules That Show Just How Close They Are

#3 sounds like a dream!

Anyone who has lived in a dorm before would know that having set rules and boundaries in super important — and aespa have certainly mastered that! However, even though the members get along with each other super well, their rules are a bit unique.

Left to right: Jaejae with Karina, Ningning, Giselle, and Winter of aespa. | @happy_jae_jae/Instagram

They recently revealed some of their dorm rules on MMTG with Jaejae, who couldn’t get behind a couple of the rules. Here are the four rules they showed that every dorm resident has to follow!

1. Always eat together

Rule number one is that they always eat together, no matter what! Even if someone already ate, like Jaejae said she did, they should still stay and sit with the other members. Mealtimes are definitely important bonding moments so it’s so sweet to hear the members love eating together!

| MMTG/YouTube 

2. Sharing belongings/food

Speaking of food, nothing is off limits between the aespa dorm members. They share everything, from food to makeup to house items. Instead of it causing tension, it actually brings them closer! According to Ningning, “We’re like a family.”

| MMTG/YouTube 

3. Sharing closets (mixing everyone’s laundry is okay)

When the members offered up their closets to Jaejae, she was a bit hesitant but Winter insisted that everyone’s closet is free game! To some that might be a nightmare, but to others it’d be amazing. Jaejae, for example, was “dumbfounded” when Karina said the aespa members wanted to wear Jaejae’s clothes too!

| MMTG/YouTube 

But they have a pretty good system down! If someone really wants to wear something, they’ll simply let the other members know asap so that everyone’s outfits can be planned accordingly. Their level of closeness is so sweet!

“Totally okay.” | MMTG/YouTube 

4. PARTY on every Saturday

This is the one rule that Jaejae was fully behind, and it makes sense; who wouldn’t love to spend a Saturday having fun with the hilarious aespa members? They even broke out into a sing-along to “Next Level” that any MY would love to join in on.

| MMTG/YouTube 

So what do you think, would you be able to room with aespa? Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube and Instagram


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