4 Of The Best Pranks The BTS Members Have Pulled On Each Other

Number 2 is legendary.

One of the things that BTS is beloved for is their playful personalities. The members have done some great pranks on each other over the years, leading to some iconic moments. Here are a couple of the best pranks the BTS members have pulled on each other.

1. Birthday prank on Jungkook

During Jungkook‘s birthday, the members and staff decided to play a little prank on Jungkook. They were going to do a hidden camera prank and were going to unfairly criticize Jungkook during their recording.

Once the prank begins, the producer keeps telling Jungkook to dance “correctly”.

During a break, Jungkook can’t help but feel that he’s been dancing correctly the whole time.

RM then begins his acting, as he starts scolding Jungkook a bit.

BTS’s manager then comes in, and Jungkook explains the situation to him.

Everyone gets into their acting mode, as BTS’s manager starts scolding Jungkook for his actions.

They take it a step further and start scolding Jungkook for his “attitude”.

After their manager leaves, the prank is essentially over and they start celebrating Jungkook’s birthday.

Jungkook couldn’t help but cry once he realized that everything was a prank.

Jungkook is then showered with love, as he had to endure quite a lot during this prank.

2. Leaving J-Hope behind

Jin thought it would be a great idea to do a hidden camera prank on J-Hope, and leave him behind.

While the other members were initially hesitant on doing the prank, they all ended up driving away.

Once they left, the members couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

J-Hope was in for a major surprise when he realized that there were no cars outside waiting for him.

J-Hope couldn’t contain his rage once he called for an explanation.

The members soon returned, but J-Hope had to let them know how he felt.

3. Pranking RM

This prank was a collaborative one with Bang Si Hyuk. The prank was a hidden camera one, where Bang Si Hyuk would be unfairly scolding RM. It begins with Bang Si Hyuk questioning RM’s leadership.

While Bang Si Hyuk was “expressing” his frustrations, RM tries to explain that BTS was dealing with some difficult situations. While RM was explaining, one of the producers accidentally knocked on the door.

This could have caused the prank to end if RM caught on, but Bang Si Hyuk quickly improvised.

Despite RM explaining BTS’s situation, Bang Si Hyuk still unfairly scolds him.

Bang Si Hyuk even goes on to question RM’s work ethic, as he is constantly sleeping.

RM is in for a shock once he hears Bang Si Hyuk’s suggestion of BTS disbanding.

J-Hope then begins his scene, as he responds to a text message, and seemingly ignores Bang Si Hyuk.

This leads to Bang Si Hyuk asking RM if he even cares about BTS, which he answers without hesitation.

Bang Si Hyuk soon couldn’t hold it any longer and reveals to RM that everything was a prank.

4. Elevator prank

This was more of a prank by the producers, but it’s still funny nonetheless. The BTS members had to do some strange missions while riding an elevator, especially J-Hope.

The members didn’t know that it was a hidden camera prank. They also didn’t know that someone was going to enter the elevator either. Some of the members weren’t bothered, such as Suga.

Other members, like J-Hope, were caught during some embarrassing moments.

It became worse once more people came into the elevator, and they had to get close.

Once it was revealed that it was hidden camera prank, J-Hope couldn’t help but feel relieved.