The 4 Best-Selling K-Pop Girl Groups In South Korea From 2011 To 2021

Only four girl groups made the top twenty.

When looking at the album sales from K-Pop groups in the past ten years, from 2011 to 2021, The JoongAng ranked the top twenty groups that sold the most albums. Since boy groups took the majority, here are the only four girl groups that made the list with their impressive sales.

4. IZ*ONE — 2,148,234

The project group from Produce48 promoted for nearly three years and made a lasting impact on fans who bought over two million albums to cheer IZ*ONE on. To this day, fans still support each member in their future ventures and current groups.

IZ*ONE | @official_izone/Twitter

3. Red Velvet — 2,243,517

Having debuted in 2014, SM Entertainment‘s girl group Red Velvet has a unique sound that kept drawing fans in and selling over two million albums—despite overcoming the unexpected.

Red Velvet | @RVsmtown/Twitter

2. BLACKPINK — 2,756,527

While fans may want BLACKPINK to increase their number of music releases per year, that doesn’t stop fans from loving every album the four members release, bringing them quite close to selling three million albums.


1. TWICE — 7,299,094

Whether they’re promoting the importance of mental health by taking breaks or releasing hit song after hit song, TWICE takes the top spot with over seven million albums sold.

Source: Korea Daily