Here Are 4 Boy Groups That ASTRO’s Eunwoo Charmed With His Heavenly Visual

He’s the celebrity of celebrities.

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo earned himself the nickname of “Face Genius”, for having an ethereal visual that is unrivaled in the industry. His beauty really popped during the group’s promotion of “Crazy Sexy Cool”, as Eunwoo got a full close-up shot of his face in the very beginning of the song.


This “era” charmed not only his fans, but also his fellow K-Pop idol groups too! Here are the 4 times Eunwoo’s “Crazy Sexy Cool” intro simply blew the minds of other boy group members.


1. BTS

At MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon in 2017, as soon as Eunwoo’s jaw dropping close-up was shown on the big screens, BTS members were pleasantly shocked. J-Hope and Jin were spotted mouthing, “Wow”. BTS continued to watch the entire performance in a mesmerized state!


2. EXO

At the 2017 Asia Artists Awards, EXO‘s Chanyeol was spotted falling in love with Eunwoo as well. When the intro came, and Eunwoo did what he does best, Chanyeol can be seen immediately commenting, “He’s really good-looking.” The huge smile on Chanyeol’s face only suggests that he was pleased to see Eunwoo work his magic on stage!



Also at the 2017 AAA, SEVENTEEN members were mind blown by Eunwoo’s A+ visual game too. Jeonghan was spotted mouthing, “He’s handsome, really handsome…” while S.Coups simply looked blessed! With Eunwoo’s best friend Mingyu being in the group, fans assume SEVENTEEN might be a little more immune to Eunwoo’s contagious smile – but they were in a total trance nonetheless!



Last, but absolutely the most, MONSTA X were baffled at the 2017 AAA because of how unreal Eunwoo looked on stage. The members all simultaneously burst into either shocked laughter or amused head-shake, as soon as Eunwoo blew his best visual at them. And everyone watching knew exactly what they were feeling!


ICYMI: Here’s 2+ minutes of Eunwoo’s intro over and over and over to bless your monitor. See if you can help yourself to not react the same way!