These 4 BTS Tweets Are Among The Most Liked Tweets On All Of Twitter

BTS’s Twitter account is the only K-Pop idol account to be on the list!

BTS‘s massively influential Twitter account, with multiple tweets that have received over a million likes, landed them a spot on the Top 40 Most Liked Tweets list along with former president of the United States Barack Obama! Here are the tweets that made the list:


1. Jungkook’s Song

When Jungkook uploaded a video of himself singing, Twitter blew up. This tweet received 1.15M likes and ranked at #36 on the list. In the video, Jungkook is singing “All of My Life” by Park Won. This song is known for its beautiful lyrics that go “All of my life, when I wasn’t okay / You are all of my life / You completed me / Now, I try filling my life up with other things / All of my life, you are all of my life / I can’t seem to do it.” Fans fell in love with Jungkook’s mellow voice covering this romantic love song and reacted with comments that showed love and support. Many celebrated the million likes as well!


2. V’s Good Night

This simple tweet, that says “Goodnight”, received 1.14M likes and ranked #37 on the Top 40 Most Liked Tweets list. The pictures tweeted are from BTS’s Los Angeles photo shoot with Dispatch. The photos captured V in pink and Jungkook in stripes, watching the sunset. These two members, dubbed “Taekook”, are always spotted together and fans simply adore their friendship.


3. Dispatch Photo Shoot

Ranked #39 on the list is the rest of V’s pictures from the Dispatch photo shoot in Los Angeles. This tweet, tagged “Dispatch photo shoot”, received 1.1M likes. V captioned the tweet, “The weather is nice.” Fans can’t wrap their minds around how beautiful V looks in these pictures!


4. Jungkook’s Wave

Jungkook got 1.1M likes simply by uploading a video of himself waving to the camera! This tweet comes in at #40 on the list, as the fourth and last tweet from the BTS Twitter account to receive over a million likes. While Jungkook doesn’t speak in the video, he waves at the fans who are watching. Fans are in love with his presence on Twitter and celebrated in the comments section for Jungkook’s second video to reach a million and more fans.