4 Different Things Female Idols Do To Achieve The Perfect Body

Everyone has a different diet that best fits their lifestyle.

1. Kim Junie

Cheerleader Kim Junie gives herself a cheat day once a week where she can eat anything she wants. Her diet for the rest of the week consists of 400 grams of meat and carbs combined with a vegetable such as cherry tomatoes or cucumbers.

“On your cheat day, you don’t gain weight even if you eat to your heart’s content. That’s because you control your diet for 6 days. When it gets consumed that one time every 7 days, rather than going through as unhealthy food, it’s just like consuming some more calories.” — Kim Junie


2. Chungha

Weighing in at just 42 kg (92.5 lbs), Chungha doesn’t actually follow a strict diet. Her diet philosophy is to just not stress too much over dieting, and instead just limit the foods you eat.

She believes binge eating is bad and it’s better to change out the typical diet foods with sweets or foods you enjoy if you’re feeling too much stress from dieting.


3. Kim Ji Woo

Kim Ji Woo‘s motivation was her husband, celebrity chef Raymon Kim’s words. After giving birth to her daughter in 2016, Raymond Kim thought Kim Ji Woo should lose weight before she thought it was too late.

“Before postpartum depression sets in, you should lose weight otherwise you won’t get any work.” — Raymon Kim

This sparked something within Kim Ji Woo, who worked hard at losing the weight she gained during her pregnancy. She lost a total of 19kg (42 lbs).


4. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun was always a fan of desserts and snacks, so it’s often a crisis for her when she has to diet.

She mentioned she’s consistently on a diet, so she can’t each much of her favorite foods.

“I really like sweets but since I’m dieting, I can’t eat much of them. It’s stressful… but I have a lot to gain from [dieting].” — Kim So Hyun


Source: Newsade