4 Female Army Style Stage Costumes That Are The Definition Of Perfect

They’re too good.

Military, aviation, or navy-inspired uniforms are standard K-Pop costumes. Despite all coming from the same source, each female group put their own spin on them. They have become the example of tried-and-tested beautiful outfits.

Check out some of the variations below!

1. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation was among the first groups to do the military style. Their costumes were one of the most iconic during their “Genie” promotions. Along with their beautiful high heels, the costumes were sexy from head to toe. They had numerous versions, from blue…

…to white…

…to green, and they were all gorgeous!


Out of everyone on this list, 4MINUTE was likely the closest to the original uniform. With aviator shades and camouflage shorts, they all looked rugged and sexy.

| Cube Entertainment

They showed off this look in their July 2010 release for “I My Me Mine”.


EVERGLOW‘s 2019 comeback “ADIOS” was a hit among fans. Not only did they get over 100 million views as a relatively new group, but they also received positive reviews for their stage outfits. Their military-inspired jackets were decked with medals and personalized with their own name tags.

Like Girls’ Generation, they had a number of color variations for the same outfit from white to beige to black.

| @official_everglow/Instagram


Finally, LOVELYZ may usually have a sweet and girl-next-door aura, but they went full-on mature with their cover of Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Sixth Sense”.

From thick fabric to medals and even “dirt” makeup, LOVELYZ successfully showed a side of themselves that they never had before to their fans.