The 4 Female Idols With The Best Body Proportions, As Chosen By Koreans

They’re gorgeous!

It’s no secret that idols work hard to stay in shape and always look their best, which is why the industry has no shortage of gorgeous people.

Netizens chose who they think has the best body proportions among all female idols. In no particular order, here are four girls who have some of the most killer bodies in K-Pop!


BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is gorgeous from head to toe! When she appeared on IQIYI‘s Youth With You, she revealed that she maintains her figure through dancing and Pilates.

As her photos often prove, her legs appear to go on forever!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

2. Oh My Girl’s YooA

Oh My Girl‘s YooA is another dancer on this list whose figure is the envy of many netizens.

She has a tiny waist that matches her equally tiny face.

3. WJSN’s (Cosmic Girls’) Luda

Luda‘s epic body proportions don’t get talked about enough!

With her stunning face and body, she looks great in any concept and stage outfit.

4. Kim Minju (formerly of IZ*ONE)

Finally, there’s a reason why Kim Minju is always a hot topic for her visuals! With her sweet face, curves, and long legs, she’s perfect from top to bottom.

She’s known for her hourglass figure that can leave everyone’s jaws hanging.

Without a doubt, everyone on this list has killer body proportions!