These Are 4 Female Visuals Who Were The Talk Of The Town When They Debuted

Making people go crazy with their visuals since day one.

Ever since day one, these four female visuals have had people shook with how gorgeous they are.

1. Suzy (former miss A)

When miss A first debuted in 2010, Suzy immediately caught eyes for her stunning visuals. As the maknae of the group, many adored her fresh yet mature visuals. She is known as one of the Nation’s Little Sisters.

2. Sulli (former f(x))

f(x) debuted with an experimental concept, which people either loved or hated. What people couldn’t deny is how beautiful Sulli looked despite the intricate outfits she wore, proving that she is an outstanding visual.

3. Goo Hara (former KARA)

When Goo Hara was added to KARA in 2008, she immediately caught the eyes of people for her doe-like appearance. With big eyes and an innocent aura, she easily snatched the hearts of locals and international fans.

4. Irene (Red Velvet)

When Irene debuted in Red Velvet with “Happiness”, she caught the eyes of everyone for her goddess like features. The oldest member of the group, she shocked everyone with her youthful looks and how pretty she looked with the pink hair,

Source: Instiz