These 3 Fourth Generation Boy Groups Are Taking Charge Of Visuals

They’re all so handsome. 😍

These 3 rookie boy groups are getting recognition for the large number of visual members they have. Here are the members in each group who are most often acknowledged by netizens for their stunning good looks!


Jaehyuk‘s bright smile caught the hearts of many fans immediately.

However, he can do a serious and smouldering concept just as well.

Rapper Haruto stole the hearts of noona fans worldwide.

At only 16 years old internationally, his handsome good looks are already apparent.

Asahi rose to popularity when he bleached his hair.

It’s hard to miss his stunning fairy-like visuals!

Lastly, maknae Junghwan is both cute and handsome.

The youngest will make any fan fall for him!


Ice Skating prince Sunghoon was voted first place for his visuals by the I-LAND members.

It makes sense why they think that way!

Leader Jungwon was voted second place in looks by the members.

His gorgeous eye shape and pretty features may catch your attention immediately.

Jay‘s unmatched charisma gives him the coolest stage presence.

If you like the cool type, Jay is the one for you!

Lastly, Sunwoo‘s fox-like visuals made him a hot topic among fans.

His cute charm is his strong point.


Jungmo is known as one of CRAVITY’s visuals.

His visuals gained popularity during his time on Produce X 101.

Similarly, Minhee‘s fans fell for his adorable visuals on Produce X 101.

To this day, he’s still as handsome as ever!

Serim‘s visuals are sharp and give him a gorgeous appearance similar to that of an anime character.

His expressions are the icing on the cake!

Maknae Seongmin is in charge of cuteness.

He certainly does a great job at being adorable!