4 Girl Group Vocal Lines You Can Trust To Deliver Quality Singing

Where would K-Pop be without them?

K-Pop idols typically excel in one or two skills, such as singing, rapping, or dancing. It isn’t easy to find groups who are exceptionally strong in one specific area. There are certain groups, however, who are especially well-known for their powerful vocal lines, with each member contributing to the group’s unique vocal color.

Here are 5 girl group vocal lines and some of their best songs. We guarantee your ears will be blessed when you hear their angelic voices!

1. Girls’ Generation

Girl’s Generation is legendary for a reason. Before several members left SM Entertainment, Girl’s Generation’s more famous vocal line included Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, and Seohyun.


MAMAMOO is often praised for each member’s strong singing skills. Their vocal line consists of Hwasa, Wheein, and Solar.

3. Red Velvet

When it comes to singing, SM Entertainment really doesn’t play around. The vocal line of Girls’ Generation’s sister group, Red Velvet, includes Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy.


GFRIEND‘s members have lovely vocals that anyone can listen to all day. Their popular vocal line, also known as the “97 Line”, consists of Yuju and Eunha.