4 Idols That Fans Suspect Might Be Secretly Dating Right Now

Some fans may think these idols are real-life couples!

1. G-Dragon & Lee Joo Yeon

Although G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon have not made any statements in regard to their dating rumors, many photos suggest that the two may be more than just friends. Lee Joo Yeon’s car was once seen in front of G-Dragon’s apartment building. Lee Joo Yeon left the car on the street and disappeared. Later, a man got into the car and moved it.

The same man was seen at the airport standing by Lee Joo Yeon’s side and guarding her. The man was G-Dragon and BIGBANG’s manager.

They were on their way to Jeju Island. G-Dragon had arrived in Jeju Island 2 hours before Lee Joo Yeon and the manager. Lee Joo Yeon was spotted getting off of a taxi with the manager in front of G-Dragon’s villa in Jeju Island.

Photos posted on Instagram also suggest that the two could possibly have a #Lovestagram. Lee Joo Yeon uploaded a photo of a lamp on December 18, 2017, with an image of a piece of artwork under the transparent table.

The painting looked exactly like the one G-Dragon posted in Jeju Island on November 14, 2017.


2. Kang Han Na & Darren Wang

Kang Han Na and Darren Wang’s dating rumors began when they were seen together at an amusement park in Osaka, Japan in April 2017.

They were also later spotted at a fish market in Taiwan, apparently speedily running away in an expensive sports car as soon as they spotted reporters.

One week after their Taiwan trip, they were spotted yet again at the Vatican in Italy.

Although they denied dating rumors, some fans continue to believe that they are in fact in a lovely relationship.


3. Gong Yoo & Jung Yoo Mi

Rumors claiming that actor Gong Yoo and actress Jung Yoo Mi were having a wedding at Shilla Hotel had spread online. The netizen who spread the rumor had posted that his/her friend was an employee of the hotel and had been told that the two actors had set the date and reserved the hotel.

The pair appeared on the film Silenced and became closer in their relationship during the filming of Train to Busan. During this time, they posted several photos of them together at the film sitings or at group dinners.

Gong Yoo had also said very nice things about Jung Yoo Mi during various interviews, making people believe the rumors could be true.

Unfortunately for shippers, the agencies of both actors responded by clarifying that the rumors were clearly false. Nonetheless, no one can deny their special chemistry!


4. Dongjun (ZE:A) & Go Sung Hee

Rumors of ZE:A’s Dongjun and Go Sung Hee began after they appeared on the program Master Key holding hands and looking extremely happy.

They showed incredible chemistry causing viewers and the media to suspect that the two could be a real couple.

Unfortunately, the agencies of both stars disappointed some by denying these rumors within an hour of its reports. Nonetheless, they looked really good together!


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Source: Dispatch, Joongang Ilbo and Chosun