4 Instances That Prove BTS’s Jimin Is A Total Foodie And Proud Of It

Jimin loves his food!

BTS’s Jimin has openly expressed just how much he loves food and he is always finding an opportunity to talk about food! From live streams to videos, fans can see just how important food is to him. Let’s take a look at some moments of Jimin being a total foodie.

1. Food recommendations

He loves to ask for recommendations from fans on what to eat that day and is always excited to be talking about food.

“Please recommend me food to eat for dinner.”

“I’m full now so I can’t think of anything but I think for dinner tonight I’ll eat…”


“Today…how about Vietnamese noodles (pho). It’s yummy!”

2. Things he likes to do

When fan ask him what he would like to do he can’t help but talk about food!

“What do I want to do in Busan?”

“I don’t know any good places to eat around here so I think it would be fun to try different restaurants.”

“What are my plans for this vacation?”

“I thought about it and I think I want to go around and try some good places to eat. I don’t know many good places. So I usually eat the same thing or order delivery.”

“Not sure if my friends will know of some good places but I hope they can take me to some really yummy places so that I can eat a lot of good stuff this vacation.”

3. Things Jimin wants to learn

“The only thing that I want to learn later on besides singing and dancing is cooking! I really want to learn how to cook. It’s so yummy and I want to be able to cook good food even when I’m by myself.”

“I plan on learning how to cook after 35. I would be able to cook for my parents or for the other members as well!”

4. The way he starts his live streams

He always starts off his live streams asking fans if they have eaten as a way of saying hello.

“Has everyone eaten yet?

“Did you all eat yet? I ate before coming here.”

“Did you all eat and come here? What did you all eat?”

“What did you guys eat today?”

“Did I eat? Yes I ate.”

“What did I eat? What did you all eat? I wanna know what you all ate so that I can take that into consideration when I choose what I am going to eat a bit later.”

“What did I order? I didn’t order yet. Hmm what should I eat…rice?

“Hmm, I need to eat food..should I ask for a hamburger? I’m suddenly so hungry. Food Food Food. Hamburger.”

Are any of you foodies out there? Can you relate to these situations by Jimin? I guess we all know the way to win Jimin’s heart now!