4 Korean Actors Who Have Heartbreaking Love Stories

Some of them even got cheated on!

Throughout the years, more and more Korean actors have revealed stories about their past love lives, and some of them were quite upsetting. Here are 4 Korean actors who have heartbreaking love stories.

1. Kim Seon Ho

When Kim Seon Ho was in the military, he had a girlfriend who he had been dating for 3 years. However, one day she suddenly sent him a text message that read, “Oppa, I’m Sorry“.

Kim Seon Ho then tried contacting his girlfriend, but she wouldn’t respond. He eventually decided to go to her house so that he could speak with her. When he met her, she told him that she was on her way to meet her new boyfriend.

After this, Kim Seon Ho kept asking her if they could just talk, but she kept ignoring him. It even got to the point where Kim Seon Ho kneeled in front of her.

I shouldn’t have done it but I kneeled in front of her right then and there. I was really desperate because I was a soldier.

— Kim Seon Ho

However, the girlfriend kept ignoring Kim Seon Ho, and all of his attempts to win her back were unsuccessful.

I kneeled for about three hours and ultimately wasn’t able to have a deep conversation with her. Our conversation just consisted of ‘Don’t go’ and ’No I have to go’.

— Kim Seon Ho

2. Song Ji Hyo

| JYJ/YouTube

When Song Ji Hyo was a guest on an episode of Knowing Brothers, she got asked by some of the cast members if she ever experienced getting cheated on. She then got honest and revealed that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her.

It’s not recent. But I did have someone cheat on me before.

— Song Ji Hyo

3. Gong Yoo

In an episode of Because I Just Want To Talk, Gong Yoo spoke about the time when he contacted an ex-girlfriend after getting drunk. He shared that he sent her a text, but she never replied to him.

‘Are you sleeping?’ It was something along those lines. But I don’t think she answered.

— Gong Yoo

The next morning, he sent her a follow-up text explaining the situation. While all these texts were ignored, Gong Yoo is rather thankful that she never responded to him.

One time, I even texted her, ‘The truth is I was pretty drunk last night.’ I’m thankful that she never responded.

— Gong Yoo

4. Lee Hee Jin

When Lee Hee Jin was a guest on an episode of Running Man, she revealed that her ideal type is someone who won’t cheat on her, as well as someone who won’t bother her when she’s working.

After Lee Hee Jin revealed this, the cast members assumed that she had a terrible boyfriend in the past, as she was quite specific about her ideal type. She then got asked by Yoo Jae Suk if they should curse at her ex-boyfriend, and she said yes.

Jeon So Min then immediately looked at the camera and cursed at Lee Hee Jin’s ex-boyfriend, telling him not to cheat.

Bonus: Jang Dong Min

Jang Dong Min might not be an actor, but he has a heartbreaking reason why he gave up on getting married. In an episode of Hit The Top, he shared that he had a girlfriend who he wanted to marry. He even gave this girlfriend double the amount of spending money she wanted.

I asked my ex-girlfriend how much she needed as spending money every month. And I told her I’d give her double what she wanted.

— Jang Dong Min

When asked what he would do with the rest of his money, Jang Dong Min told her that it would go towards his family, as he wanted to take care of them.

I told her that a lot of money went toward my family and that I had to take care of them. I told her I had to keep doing that.

— Jang Dong Min

However, the girlfriend was not in favor of this.

My girlfriend at the time said, ‘No. I can’t stand to see that.’

— Jang Dong Min

Not long after, Jang Dong Min and his girlfriend broke up due to differences in values, and Jang Dong Min gave up on marriage due to this.

Once I thought about it from the woman’s perspective, I wasn’t sure about seeing anybody else…

— Jang Dong Min