4 K-Pop Groups Who Have Consistently Tried New Concepts With Each Comeback

These groups can really pull off any kind of concept!

K-Pop artists are known to change up their concepts from time to time, but many groups tend to stick to certain specific styles that they know suit them or are well-received by fans. Some groups, however, go to the effort of trying out new concepts more regularly! These “concept chameleons” take risks by trying out new sounds and styles with each comeback, but for the most part, they’ve been highly successful with each one. Here are 4 K-Pop groups that have had the best luck with trying out new concepts.

1. Red Velvet

“Happiness”: Cute, sweet concept

“Be Natural”: Mature, jazzy, elegant concept

“Automatic”: R&B concept

“Ice Cream Cake”: Bubblegum concept

“Dumb Dumb”: Peppy, dance pop concept

“One of These Nights”: Ballad

“Russian Roulette: Bubblegum concept

“Rookie”: Do wop/girl pop concept

“Red Flavor”: Summery, cute concept

“Peek-A-Boo”: Horror/music box concept

“Bad Boy”: R&B concept

“Power Up”: Electric, cutesy summer concept

“Really Bad Boy”: Jazz/dance pop concept

“Zimzalabim”: Electric pop concept

“Umpah Umpah”: Summer funk concept

“Psycho”: R&B/trap pop concept


“Gorilla”: Dark, funky concept

“Can You Feel It”: Dark, marching band concept

“Critical Beauty”: Jazzy circus concept

“Like This”: Mature concept

“Runaway”: EDM/electric concept

“Shine”: Bubblegum, bright concept

“Sha La La”: Techno concept

“Humph!”: Cutesy, aegyo concept

“Dr. Bebe”: Dark, sexy concept

3. (G)I-DLE

“LATATA”: Tropical, summery, moombahton concept

“HANN”: Mysterious, dark concept

“Senorita”: Latin, jazzy, seductive concept

“Uh-Oh”: Hip-Hop, old school concept

“Lion”: Powerful, fierce concept

“Oh My God”: Fantasy, urban hip-hop concept

4. SF9

“Fanfare”: Trap, hip-hop, boy crush concept

“So Beautiful”: Cute, boyfriend aesthetic concept

“Roar”: EDM, electric concept

“Easy Love”: Mature, emotional concept

“O Sole Mio”: Latin pop concept

“Mamma Mia”: Cute, fun concept

“Now or Never”: Dark and sexy concept

“Enough”: Dark, mythological concept

“RPM”: Hype EDM concept

“Good Guy”: Elegant, mature concept

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