4 K-Pop Idols Who Are Extremely Strict Dance Leaders To Their Members

Numbers 2 and 3 are quite scary.

Something that a lot of K-Pop groups are known for is their incredibly synchronized choreographies. In a lot of groups, there’s a designated member who leads the group when it comes to dancing. With how passionate most idols are, these dance leaders can be quite strict on their members to achieve perfection. Here are just a few K-Pop idols who happen to be extremely strict dance leaders to their members.

1. J-Hope (BTS)

J-Hope is extremely strict when it comes to BTS’s choreographies, as he seemingly can notice even the tiniest of details.

J-Hope is also constantly making sure that the members have the choreographies 100% memorized.

It’s gotten to the point where the members automatically know who to look at when they make a mistake.

There are more moments in the video below!

2. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN are known for their sharp dancing, so it’s no surprise that their dance leader is quite strict. During an episode of Radio Star, Hoshi revealed that he was extremely passionate and sensitive when he was a trainee.

Hoshi even made some harsh comments to certain members when they would constantly make mistakes during choreographies.

However, Hoshi is a lot more lighthearted now, and the other members even tease him for his past comments.

Here’s the full video below!

3. B.I (Former member of iKON)

When B.I was a member of iKON, fans got see his strict side many times, especially during MIX & MATCH, which the survival show that made iKON. B.I was quite strict with other trainees on the show, especially Hongseok (now a member of PENTAGON).


B.I was quite honest and harsh with other people when they didn’t practice seriously.


Here is the full video below!

4. Seunghoon (WINNER)

During WHO IS NEXT: WIN, which the program that created WINNER, Seunghoon was extremely attentive regarding the group’s choreography, noticing even the most minor mistakes.

However, it’s not just the WINNER members Seunghoon is strict to, as he was also extremely strict to the dancers he was mentoring on Dancing High.

Here’s the full video below!

Extra: Rain

MBLAQ was a group that was created by Rain. Rain was like a mentor to the MBLAQ members and would accompany them whenever they trained. However, Rain was quite strict when it came to practicing. Lee Joon even revealed that Rain had 3 levels of getting angry. The first was lecturing them.

Rain’s second level of anger was stomping his feet and lecturing them.

Rain’s final level of anger was just being cold to the MBLAQ members.

Here is the full video below!