4 Male Idols Who Have Been Slaying Long Blond Hair

Long blond hair is making a comeback, and we’re here for it.

Out of all the hairstyles that male idols try, there’s something about long hair that just takes their visuals over the top. When they dye it a beautiful shade of blond, that takes it to the highest level of the visual peak. Here are four idols who have slayed the style within the past year.

1. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

As if Stray Kids‘ comeback “God’s Menu” didn’t attack fans, Hyunjin‘s beautiful hair finished the job.

Pulled back into a ponytail with a few hairs hanging out on the sides, it’s a look that everyone needed to see on him.

Even when all of Hyunjin’s hair is slicked down, it looks just as striking.

2. NCT 127’s Yuta

Although NCT 127‘s Yuta no longer has his long hair, it’s still so recent and iconic that no one can forget about it.

Through all of the shades of blond he tried out, they all looked perfect on him.

Yuta completely owned long, blond hair for the glorious time he wore it.

3. VICTON’s Hanse

Since VICTON is one of the most underrated boy groups, many people missed out on seeing Hanse‘s beautiful hair following their “Nostalgic Night” comeback.

From adorable pigtails to straight hair, he could rock it all effortlessly.

Just look at those hints of blue and pink to highlight his stunning blond hair.


4. OnlyOneOf’s Junji

As a rookie group that debuted last year, OnlyOneOf may not have reached your radar. Thanks to Junji‘s one-of-a-kind long bangs that cover his face, you’ll definitely remember who they are.

Whether the vocalist and singer wears his hair covering his face or feathered like traditional bangs, he can serve all the looks.

The style suits Junji so much he should keep it forever—or at least until he’s ready to switch it up.