4 Mixed Idols Who Can Rock Both Black And Blonde Hair

They can rock both light and dark hair!

K-Pop idols dye their hair quite frequently. From dirty blonde to electric blue, dyed hair normally insinuates a comeback or something new for the idol. When it comes to idols of mixed race, their visuals frequently change drastically when their hair is dyed a different color. Here is a list of 4 mixed-race idols that rocked their dark and light hair!


The former I.O.I. member rocked her dark hair for much of the beginning of her career. Throughout her time in I.O.I. and her debut solo single, “Birthday,” SOMI can be seen with her dark hair.


SOMI in I.O.I.’s “Very Very Very”  

SOMI dancing to “Birthday” 

In her second single, “What You Waiting For,” SOMI went for an ashier brunette look, but not bleach blonde.


SOMI promoting “What You Waiting For” 

When SOMI bleached her entire head for her long-awaited comeback with “DUMB DUMB,” fans were shocked to see her Barbie-like visuals!

SOMI’s “DUMB DUMB” live stage

2. Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih

When Huening Bahiyyih first joined the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999, she showcased her unique, striking visuals and dark head of hair. Fans supported Bahiyyih enough to land her second place and have her debut in the global girl group Kep1er!

Huening Bahiyyih in “O.O.O.”| Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

Once she debuted with Kep1er, she shocked fans with her new bleached head of hair. The blonde suited the idol so well that fans couldn’t help but praise her visuals!

Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih promoting “MVSK”   

3. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

Debuting with SEVENTEEN in 2015, Vernon showcased his dark brown head of hair along with his Leonardo DiCaprio-Esque visuals.


In 2017, SEVENTEEN returned with the title track “Don’t Wanna Cry.” In the music video and throughout their live performances during promotions, Vernon rocked a head of bleach blonde hair!

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon performing “Don’t Wanna Cry.”  

4. NMIXX’s Lily M

Debuting with JYPE‘s latest girl group NMIXX in 2022, Lily was a rookie standout due to her excellent live vocals. She wore a short, black bob for their debut song “O.O.” and looked terrific with the hairstyle.

NMIXX’s Lily promoting “O.O.” 

In mid-2022, fans noticed that Lily bleached her hair. With this new hairstyle, fans were stunned by Lily’s new visuals!

Whether with light hair, dark hair, or even neon orange hair, these idols can for sure pull off any hair color they want!