4 Most Handsome Visual Kings of Korea In The Joseon Dynasty

These are the most handsome kings of the Joseon dynasty!

1. Munjong of Joseon

Kim Tae Woo portraying King Munjong. (Source: The Face Reader)

Munjong of Joseon was the fifth king of the Joseon Dynasty and is rumored to have had exceptional visuals. He is often portrayed as frail and weak in historical dramas, but this happens to be an incorrect portrayal of this king.

In fact, Munjong was not just the oldest successor to the throne. He was an exceptionally well-rounded person who excelled in his studies, sports, and even the arts. He has been referred to as a handsome and polite prince in Chinese historical records.


2. Yeonsangun of Joseon

Kim Kang Woo portraying King Yeonsangun. (Source: The Treacherous)

Yeonsangun of Joseon was the 10th king of the Joseon Dynasty who was also known for his good looks.

In contrast to his tyrannical rule, accounts of the Joseon Dynasty describe his appearance as feminine and lacking the grand presence of a king. Other records have described the king as having a thin build with skin as bright as white jade, which left people speculating that he was indeed very handsome.


3. Yeongjo of Joseon

Song Kang Ho portraying King Yeongjo. (Source: The Throne)

Yeongjo of Joseon was the 21st king of the Joseon Dynasty. He reigned for 52 years, the longest among Joseon kings.

He can be seen with long eyes, a sharp nose and small lips in his portrait. These features are said to have been the features of a good-looking man of the time. His mother Sukbin Choe, who was a well-known concubine of King Sukjong, was famous for her looks and people have assumed that King Yeongjo got his looks from her.


4. Heonjong of Joseon

Jung Hae In portraying the King Heonjong. (Source: Heung-boo: The Revolutionist)

Heonjong of Joseon was the 24th king of the Joseon Dynasty. He took the throne at the age of 8 and lived only until he was 23. According to descriptions of King Heonjong in records, he had eyes like that of a dragon, a fine wide forehead, and a great voice.

All of the young court ladies were said to have been infatuated with his good looks. The handsome king was apparently a womanizer, exerting too much energy on sleeping with royal concubines. People have surmised that this took a toll and eventually led to his early death.

Source: Dispatch
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