Here Are 4 OT4 Gifs Of BLACKPINK To Make The Wait For New Music A Little Bit Easier

Good things come in 4’s!

For BLINKs, it’s been a minute since we’ve seen all four members of BLACKPINK perform new music as a group.

BLINKs have been taking any and all of BLACKPINK’s #OT4 content with much enthusiasm as they wait for the group’s next comeback.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

During last month’s fan sign, Jennie was asked about any new music coming soon.

“I can’t give any comeback spoilers and I can’t tell you when, and I know I’ve been saying this all day, but we are working really really hard so please look forward to it BLINKs!”

To the BLINKs who are patiently waiting for the day to come, here are 4 OT4 Gifs to make the wait go by just a bit faster.

1. 4 Angels

2. 4 Musicians

3. 4 Besties

4. 4 Soulmates

We hope new music comes soon, but until then these OT4 gifs will hold us over!

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