Top 4 Reasons Why BTS’s V Is Called The “Perfect Idol”

He isn’t called perfect for nothing!

BTS recently released their kinetic manifesto film for “ON”, and member V became a hot topic online for absolutely killing his parts. Netizens noted how V’s performance could earn him the title of “perfect idol”.

Here are 4 reasons why V could definitely pass as the perfect idol.

1. His Expressions

V is the king of facial expressions, somehow managing to change his expressions within seconds. No matter what frame you pause the video in, he looks drop dead gorgeous.

2. His Dance Skills

V’s dance skills may not be as widely discussed as J-Hope or Jimin‘s dance skills, but that’s not to say he’s lacking in that area. V has been complimented by numerous professionals for his ability to feel the rhythm of the song with his entire body and pour his entire soul into the choreography.

3. His Voice

If you haven’t listened to V’s solo song “Inner Child” yet, you’re missing out. V’s soulful and heart-wrenching voice make this song unforgettable.

4. His Style

V doesn’t just pull off any style he is put in, he makes the style look like it was made for him. Each BTS concept suits him perfectly and highlights his handsome features.

Source: Nate