4 Reasons Why Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Is One Of The Most Humble Celebrities In Korea

It’s impossible not to love her!

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA may be best known for her beauty, but she’s more than just that. With her talent, kindness, intelligence, and humility, it’s no wonder she’s one of the most successful celebrities in Korea! If you needed more convincing to be a fan, read on to see four reasons why people love her for her humility!

1. Her previous car was a Volkswagen Scirocco

Retailing at over $30,000, the car isn’t the cheapest one out there, but it’s definitely not what you would expect from a celebrity at her caliber. YoonA now drives a Porche, but we’ll always love how she didn’t mind owning a less expensive car!

2. She knows how to do difficult chores

Considering how she was a celebrity for most of her life, we wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t know how to do some chores around the house…but she even knows how to unclog a toilet! On an episode of Hyeri’s Homestay 2, YoonA volunteered to unclog the toilet when Sang Soon was not at home, stunning Lee Hyori. She even knows how to cut firewood, paint the walls, and do many other tasks.

3. She has always worked hard

YoonA became an SM Entertainment trainee when she was only 12 years old, and she debuted in Girls’ Generation five years later. In between her life as an idol, she also worked hard in her studies and honed her other skills. She graduated from Daeyoung High School in 2009 and received a degree in Theater in 2015 from Dongguk University. Currently, she is focusing on her acting career, which makes us wonder if she ever takes a break!

4. She donates a lot of money

YoonA has donated a lot of money to different causes throughout the years. She began donating in 2010 and became the first idol singer to become a member of the “Honor Society” in 2015. Members of the “Honor Society” deeply care about social problems and contribute to social development by donating and volunteering.

YoonA has already donated over $270,000 to the Community Chest of Korea, and she continues to donate to other organizations. She is never obligated to donate as much as she does, but it’s admirable how generous she is!

Source: Nate

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