4 Reasons Why SHINee’s Minho Deserves All The Love In The World

He’s such a great person!

SHINee‘s Minho deserves all the love in the world!

SHINee’s Minho | @choiminho_1209/Instagram

While there are a million reasons to love Minho, here’s a look at just 4 of the great reasons to love him!

1. He’s great with kids

Kids LOVE Minho!

Minho has shown how great he is with kids on tons of shows like The Return of Superman, SHINee’s Hello Baby, and odg‘s video of kids reviewing SHINee’s career. His caring nature and fun-loving personality make it super easy for him to get along with every child he meets.

2. He’s very supportive

Minho is super supportive! He’s always there to cheer on his SHINee members, his friends, and his fellow SM Entertainment artists.


He supports the members in everything they do. He sends coffee trucks, surprises them at their live shows and radio shows, and he goes above and beyond to make sure every single member knows how much he loves them. He always posts photos to celebrate their birthdays, too!

Minho also supports his fellow artists like Super Junior, EXO, and Girls’ Generation. Clearly, he has a heart of gold!

3. His love for Shawols

Minho’s love for his fans is so precious!

At concerts, he’s often one of the last people to leave the stage because he wants to spend as much time with Shawols as possible. How wholesome is that?!

4. He’s multi-talented

Minho can do basically anything! His talents truly know no bounds. As we all know, he’s a great rapper, dancer, and singer.

He’s also a great actor. Most recently, he was in the K-Drama Yumi’s Cells.

He’s great at sports, too! He absolutely dominated the Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC). He excels at all sports, including soccer, track and field, swimming, and golf.

He’s also super smart! He managed to study for his college entrance exam and get into a good university all while promoting “Ring Ding Dong” AND filming a variety show.

In short, Minho can do anything!