4 Released And Upcoming Thai GL (Girl Love) Series To Add To Your Watchlist

There are even more in the works!

Over the last few years, BL dramas (Boy Love) have gained a massive following worldwide. While Korea has been catching up, Thailand is the country that comes to mind when one mentions BL, having had many major series become popularized.

While many are familiar with BL, the GL (girl love) genre has been catching up lately! Here are four GL dramas to add to your watchlist!

1. Gap: The Series

Starring “Freen” Sarocha Chankimha and Rebecca Becky Armstrong, Gap: The Series was the first GL Drama in Thailand. Becky stars as Mon, a young woman who idolizes Freen’s character Sam. The pair have numerous obstacles in their relationship, including an age gap and social class.

2. Be Mine: The Series

Be Mine: The Series is set to be released this year and has already released its official nearly hour-long prologue introducing the characters. Adapted from several novels, this series will tell the stories of several women, including an intern and her boss and two roommates.

3. 23.5 Degrees

23.5 Degrees stars “MilkPansa Vosbein and “LovePattranite Limpatiyakorn as two high schoolers. Milk plays Ongsa, who uses the online pseudonym “Earth” to get closer to Love’s popular character Sun.


4. Show Me Love: The Series 

This series stars Engfa Waraha as Meena, a small-town girl hoping to have a singing career, and Charlotte Austin as Cherene, who recruits Meena to participate in a beauty competition, the Miss Grand Thailand pageant.  As Meena competes, a romance sparks between the two women.

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Will you be watching any of these series?