The 4 Most Shocking Eliminations From Auditions Programs In 2017

It’s always sad to see our favorites eliminated, but in these four cases the eliminations came as a big surprise.


1) Idol School — I.B.I’s Lee Haein

Lee Haein appeared on Produce 101 in 2016. Although she made it to the live show, she was eventually eliminated after being ranked #17. She then appeared on Mnet’s Idol School where she received a lot of attention during the first half of the show.  On the last episode, she was ranked #11 and was eliminated once again. Her fans were very upset and even accused Mnet of rigging the voting so that Haein would get eliminated.

2) The Unit — HOTSHOT’s Kim Timoteo

From the very beginning, Kim Timoteo was ranked first. He stayed in first place all the way up until the debut where he dropped to #10 and was eliminated. Fans were shocked by this sudden elimination because he had never dropped in his ranking and remained steady until the final episode. This led some people to question how this sudden fall could happen.

3) The Unit — BOYFRIEND’s Donghyun

Like Kim Timoteo, Donghyun stayed high in the rankings until the last episode. Donghyun was consistently ranked #2, never dropping until the debut where he dropped to #12. Because of the drastic drop in fan favorites like Donghyun and Kim Timoteo, many netizens were left wondering if they had messed up in their voting or if KBS had already picked their favorites from the group.

4) Produce 101 — NU’EST’s Kim Jonghyun

Although he wasn’t ranked the highest at the beginning of the show, Kim Jonghyun steadily progressed. He even was ranked #1 at the final ranking. His name was mentioned repeatedly in regards to debut, but on the last live broadcast he was ranked #14 and was eliminated. In a recent survey, netizens voted Jonghyun as the most regrettably eliminated.

Source: pann-choa