4 Shocking Fan Theories About EXO, That Could Actually Be True

Are these really theories or are they the truth?

1. EXO’s “Love Me Right” and “Lucky One” are directly tied together

Right after EXO’s “Lucky One” MV came out fans immediately started noticing some surprising similarities between it and their “Love Me Right” video.

The color of the hallway in “Lucky One” is the same background color seen throughout “Love Me Right”.


This very popular theory also has all the boys stuck inside the maze that was introduced in their “Overdose” MV. While it doesn’t seem like the boys are inside a maze in “Love Me Right”, some EXO-Ls are arguing that the MV just shows different parts of the maze.

The biggest piece of evidence tying the two together are Lay’s parts in both MVs. During “Love Me Right” Lay looks through a window and in “Lucky One” you can just make out Lay’s face peeking through a window.


It’s especially plausible since the “Lucky One” MV makes it seem like the boys are still stuck in the maze.


2. EXO’s “Overdose”, “MAMA”, “Love Me Right”, “Lucky One”, and “Monster” tell a story, together.

EXO-Ls already know that EXO was created with the concept that each member has different power and that they are from a different planet from ours. This can be seen in “MAMA”.

The opening tells the story of the boys and the MV showcases each of their powers.


But some fans believe that this is how everything else is tied together. In their “Overdose” MV it shows the original 12 members stuck inside a maze.


The belief is that the scientists from “Lucky One” put the boys inside the maze because they have unusual powers.

This in turn makes sense because at the end of “Lucky One” it shows that the boys are still inside the maze.


On the other hand, their “Monster” MV shows the boys rebelling and trying to get out of the maze. This is evident by the swat team that the boys fight.


Next, the boys are put into a van which has some fans believing that they were recaptured and taken back to the maze.


While other fans believe that the boys have finally gained their freedom since Baekhyun takes off his mask at the end of the MV and we see all of them walking away together.


3. “Power” replaces “MAMA”

“MAMA” was the long-standing starting point for the boys and their powers. With the opening introduction that seeks to tell the story of how the boys obtained each of their special abilities and how they came to Earth, it seemed to make sense that this was the starting point for everything.

This theory was eventually abandoned by EXO-Ls since the whole plot of “History” depended on 12 individuals with power defeating the red evil.


That’s why “Power” makes a lot of sense in replacing the events of “MAMA”! At the beginning of “Power”, we learn that there are a lot of different parallel universes, one of which is currently hosting the EXO boys as we know them.


In this particular universe, the boys are battling a robot that some believe the red evil created. When Chen creates a shield to protect the members and they are eventually able to defeat the robot, power spheres rain down from the sky.

Each member obtains one and thus gains his power!


The ending of the MV also replaces how the EXO members got to Earth. At the end, we see Baekhyun pick up a kitten that almost certainly is from one of the parallel universes we saw at the beginning.


The kindhearted Baekhyun then seeks to help the kitten back home and we see him falling in a very Earth like sky. The thought is that the other boys decided to follow him and this puts everything back on course for all of their other MVs.


4. The MVs are not in chronological order

Before “Power” was released some people believed that the correct sequence of events went: “MAMA”, “What Is Love”, “Overdose”, “Lucky One”, “Love Me Right”, “Monster”, and “Ko Ko Bop”. Throughout “MAMA” and “What Is Love” the belief is that the two parts of EXO (EXO-K and EXO-M) are trying to meet up and defeat the evil red force that is mentioned in the opening of “MAMA”.

We see some of this evidence in “What Is Love”, where the members find the symbols of other members.


While the two MVs show lots of clues that could lead each member to the other, there are also forces working against them. They aren’t able to meet up by the time of the eclipse and so the evil red force created the maze that is seen in “Overdose”.


In turn, at the end of “Overdose” we see the boys leave the maze but then the camera zooms out and we see that was only a small section of the maze.


While some fans still think “Lucky One” and “Love Me Right” show different parts of the maze others are convinced that what is being seen in “Love Me Right” are actually dreams that the members are having while being held captive in “Lucky One”.

Which may explain the strange red lighting in parts of the “Love Me Right” MV.


Then the boys escape thanks to Baekhyun in “Monster”.


Finally, the boys are able learn how to control their powers in “Ko Ko Bop”.