4 Songs That Korean Idols Wrote To Show Their Love For Their Girlfriends

When K-Pop singers fall in love, they write songs.

Solely dedicated to their bride-to-be or their current partner, these are a few songs written from the heart that resonate warmth into the hearts of the listeners.They have been written by and are for people who are in love and still growing in their relationship today, making the lyrics that much more exciting to listen to. Keeping the one you love in mind while listening to these lyrics, will make you appreciate them that much more.


1. Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

This hit song, released in 2014, is dedicated to Taeyang‘s now bride-to-be, Min Hyo Rin. Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang were on a temporary break in their relationship when rumours that “Eyes, Nose, Lips” were dedicated to another woman arose. Taeyang revealed on a past Infinity Challenge episode that this song was indeed written for Min Hyo Rin.

The lyrics show just how much Taeyang grieved for his girlfriend and fellow band mate, GDRAGON, confirmed just that “when Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang had broken up for a short period of time, he went around looking like he had lost the whole world. He spent the days sighing and sulking. On days Taeyang spent gloomy and distressed, with no need to ask, I knew, ‘ah, something happened between him and Hyo Rin.'” — BIGBANG G-Dragon


When the song was initially released, Taeyang had shared that it was based on one of his actual relationships. Without revealing much information about who the song was about, he stated, “the lyrics came from the grief of a broken heart and missing the one I love.”

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2. Yoon Jong Shin – I Can’t Live Without You

Yoon Jong Shin, who married former national tennis player Jun Mira in 2006, recently confessed on an entertainment program, “‘I Can’t Live Without You’ was a song dedicated to Mira.” Even from the title, the song reveals the love the artist has for his wife. The lyrics are a confession, filled with all the emotions and sentiment Jong Shin felt for his wife.

Though he must have had numerous emotions and thoughts, the message he tried to convey was, “I’ll make you happy” through his song, “I Can’t Live Without You.”

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3. Rain – The Best Present

“The Best Present” was a song written for Rain’s wife as a “proposal song.” It was obvious that the song had been dedicated to his fiancee with lyrics such as, “You shine brighter than your wedding dress” and “That ring on your fourth finger.” It has also been pointed out that the lyrics in which Rain refers to his love as “the greatest joy,” is the literal translation of Kim Tae Hee’s name in Korean.

Shortly after the release of the song, Rain and Tae Hee’s engagement was announced. Rain later confirmed the news with a hand-written letter posted to his Instagram, quoting his own lyrics, “To me she is the best present.” 

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4. Yoon Min Soo (4Men) – Confession

Yoon Min Soo shared an anecdote about his marriage to his wife in a past variety program appearance.

“When my mother-in-law protested against the marriage, I sent the song and lyrics of 4Men’s ‘Confession that I had written for my wife to her via email I also sang the song during the proposal and got my friends to set things up in a hotel for my then girlfriend. We invited her friends and I serenaded her while holding her close.” — 4Men Yoon Min Soo


We can only imagine the emotion in the air during the proposal with romantic lyrics such as, “I know I’m not perfect for you, I make mistakes but i love you. But if you look all over, you’ll never find a, guy thats like me. I know it seems to be awkward, girl i have faith we’ll make it work. And when the time passes, you’ll look at me and smile away.”

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