The 4 Things That Make NCT Lucas’s Visuals So Perfect, According To A Plastic Surgeon

Without a doubt, Lucas is one of the most handsome idols of his generation.

Everyone knows that NCT and WayV’s Lucas is gorgeous, but have you ever wondered just what makes his face so attractive. According to plastic surgeon Phillip Son, known as PSPS on YouTube, these are 4 of the facial features that make Lucas’s visuals so unique and enticing.

1. His facial ratio

First things first, Lucas has the ideal vertical face ratio of 1:1:1. This means the distance between his hairline and brow line, the distance between his brow line and the bottom of his nose, and the distance between the bottom of his nose and his chin are all almost exactly the same.

2. His eyes

Typically, the ideal horizontal ratio is perfect 1:1:1 too, meaning the width of each eye is the same measurement as the distance between both eyes. Lucas’s large eyes, however, are longer than the distance between them. Despite not conforming to the typical standard, PSPS says Lucas’s eyes are the most immediately eye-catching thing about his visuals—no pun intended.

On top of that, the plastic surgeon pointed out that Lucas has high-positioned in-outline double eyelids. In-outline eyelids narrow as the reach the inner corner of the eyes, but they don’t touch the eyelash line. According to PSPS, the high in-outline is not a popular choice among men opting for double eyelid surgery in Korea. This gives Lucas a very unique look.

3. His nose

PSPS says Lucas’s eyes give him a youthful and cute appearance. His nose, however, is masculine and strong. He has a high nose bridge that starts around his eyelash line—the ideal height for beauty.

The plastic surgeon went on to say Lucas’s nose is a “gorgeous part of his face”, and that its height makes the rest of his face look smaller. In turn, this makes his features stand out even more.

4. His jawline

Many people notice Lucas’s full and luscious lips, but the jawline that surrounds them is equally handsome.

In particular, PSPS pointed out the tip of Lucas’s chin, which protrudes when you look at him from the side. According to the surgeon, a protruding chin like this is “really attractive” and gives Lucas’s face a three-dimension effect, just like his nose.

Watch the full video for yourself here: