4 Things Went Wrong for ENHYPEN’s Vacation But They Had Crazy Fun Anyway

Murphy’s law at its finest.

ENHYPEN had plans well-laid out for their vacation shoot in Danyang, but like all plans, theirs went awry. The boys wanted so much to go fishing in the stream and serve the fish for dinner, and Jay wanted to cook curry for the boys. Things didn’t work out, but the boys were determined to enjoy their vacation, regardless. Here are the four things that went wrong on their first night in Danyang.

1. They didn’t catch a single fish.

They tried fishing during the day, going off in different directions, then later comparing notes on why they couldn’t get any of the fish to bite. Heeseung‘s line got pulled, and he hoped he caught something for a moment. It was just his line getting tangled with Ni-Ki’s. They didn’t get to bring home any fish to cook for dinner.

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2. The curry tasted bland.

Though the curry looked good and the consistency was as it should, it still tasted bland, and Jay couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. Jay got so frustrated that he decided not to serve the dish and grilled some pork slabs. He chose to serve the curry the next day instead.

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3. The fire was so intense it blazed through the pork.

Everyone was enjoying the substitute meal while Jay managed the grill, tending to the fire to ensure the meat was cooked right. When Jay left the grill to grab a bite, Heeseung and Ni-Ki took over watching the meat and the fire. That was when the fire got stronger, and everyone panicked. Sunghoon singing “Fire” amid the firefighting was hilarious!

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4. Jungwon broke the mosquito swatter.

When blowing at the fire was not working, Jungwon attempted to use the mosquito swatter, but it hit something and broke in two.Thankfully, everyone agreed the meat tasted better cooked that way.

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When it came time to decide who would do the dishes, the old reliable rock, paper, scissors game was used. Sunoo was so not lucky he kept losing. In the end, Heeseung, and Sunoo took care of cleaning up, and Jake and Jungwon washed the dishes.

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The boys also had a karaoke session that didn’t exactly go wrong but went an entirely different route when Heeseung decided to switch to rock mode.

On the whole, things didn’t go their way, but it didn’t stop the boys from having a blast.

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